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What is growth hacking / Growth Marketing / Technical Marketing?

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“Growth hacking is generally a small data-driven and
technical group tasked with figuring out how to scale the
- Some guy on the internet

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It’s a mindset. A skillset. An approach. A strategy. A vision.

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So what is growth hacking? It's a strategy.

This is THE go-to growth hacking tale. A story about true hustlers who didn’t mind getting their hands dirty.
What started out as a B&B on air-mattresses grew into a legacy, even the Hilton Hotels chain is jealous of.
So what did they do to get this damn big?
But the “hack”, that they’re most famous for is reverse engineering Craigslist.
AirBnB found a way to hack the giant platform to make use of Craigslist’s customers. They managed to build a bot that would redirect people viewing apartment listings on Craigslist to AirBnB.
Result: intense traction = staggering growth.
Was this ethical? Probably not… Extremely smart? Absolutely! Check their full story here.

Another example is the success story of Udemy.
With over 30000+ educational videos and 7 million students worldwide, Udemy is one of the world’s LARGEST online educational platforms.
The success didn’t come immediately though… They actually struggled big-time during their growth stage!
Finding teachers to upload their training videos turned out to be super hard on the young company, let alone attracting students to watch non-existent videos.
So what did they do to eventually implode into the colossus they are now?!
They scraped THOUSANDS of educational videos from YouTube and hosted them on Udemy.
Visitors got drawn in, teachers got motivated to upload their videos, and BOOM!
No magic, just shrewd smartness - that’s what Growth Hacking is all about. Wanna learn the details? Listen to this interview with Udemy’s founder, Gagan Biyani.

They used OPNs, ‘Other People’s Networks’, to grow. Udemy used YouTube and Airbnb used Craigslist
The ratio of their success represented 80% best practices and 20% subversiveness. As Alistair Croll puts it “Most big successes have a little bit of evil in them”
They were carried out by people with skills, which most digital marketers didn't have: web scraping, coding and rapid experimentation.

In 3 years it will be the norm for marketers to have these powers.

Familiar with this guy? No?

At Growth Tribe, we LOVE him!

This, ladies and gents, is Takeru Kobayashi, the most exceptional competitive eater of all times. He
holds multiple world records in hot-dog eating, is 53 kg light and extremely smart.

Kobayashi hacked the art of eating hot dogs (yes there’s a hack for everything). And even though he was up against guys like you see down left, he beat them all.

“How in the world?!”

Kobayashi separates the dogs from their buns and eats them separately. A technique widely copied by the competitive eating industry (there’s an industry for everything too).

1) he separates the sausages from the buns, and
2) he pre-digests the buns by dunking them into
water Dunking the buns into water allows him
not having to chew the buns, but instead
just swallowing them all in one go.

If you really must, here’s a video of Takeru gulping down wet buns and sausages.

If you’re growing a company today you better learn to eat hot dogs fast…

So what is growth hacking? It's a skillset.

The skillset of a growth hacker is powerful. We call them T-shaped players:

20% of knowledge of all major skills get them 80% of output
Growth hackers are usually specialized in 2 / 3 skills (e.g. CRO & Programming) & have vast knowledge across all fields related to technical marketing

Rare people possess these qualities. They’re unique and in high demand. A 1 to 7 supply/demand ratio to be exact.

So what is growth hacking? It's an approach.

Unlike the digital marketer (although this is rapidly changing), a growth hacker spreads himself throughout the entire conversion funnel.

David Arnoux’s, Growth Tribe’s co-founder, stance on the difference between the two:
“A typical marketing team might set up an entire referral campaign based on gut and ask their dev team to help them implement it on the website. They would then track results and optimize later. A growth hacker would first list out 6 different referral incentives, then test them individually by rapidly sending emails to a part of the user-base or by using an off-the-shelf product (like Friendbuy) which requires no dev time.
What is growth hacking? It’s all about speed and finding the quickest way to test your ideas because 80% of your ideas will probably fail. The faster you can run through experiments the faster you can find out what works and what doesn’t. This is how companies can find their ‘growth hacks’. I believe this is one of the biggest pitfalls of growth hacking. The lack of a process for rapid experimentation.”

Read the full ConversionXL article here.

Don’t get us wrong here! Marketing is in NO WAY obsolete! It just needs a little makeover to suit today’s everything-digital-world…
It’s a piece of cake for tomorrow’s (or actually today’s-) marketer to throw up a landing page in a few hours, scrape a website to gather data and run some SQL queries to find internal data.

The modern marketer no longer depends on developers to get the job done. The marketer of 2016 and the future is a Growth Hacker.

We’ve created Europe’s 1st Growth Hacking Academy.. These are the skills we teach

So what is growth hacking? It's a vision.

1. Traditional marketing channels are expensive and saturated
2. Most projects focus heavily on product, but the real challenge is with distribution
3. Don’t worry...New channels are popping up very rapidly
4. Acquiring is easy!! Activation and Retention are key
5. Available Data = It’s all about ROI >> Remove waste
6. It’s not about the tips and tricks. You need a PROCESS

So what is growth hacking? It's a process.

It’s a no-brainer, processes will differ!

There’s no one-for-all solution. The only way to find great growth engines is to experiment.

So what is growth hacking? It's a team sport.

Too many startup founders/entrepreneurs/C-level managers out there think they’re sufficient to rock the growth boat. Well… They’d better think again or the only thing their rocking is a sinking ship!
Growth is nothing, if not a team effort.
The “biggest & baddest” companies, such as Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Tesla, etc - all have cross-disciplinary growth teams.
Success & cross-disciplinary growth teams - is there a correlation or maybe even causal relationship between the two? Let’s leave that up to your imagination.

So what is growth hacking? It's the present and the future.

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